Tuesday, August 23, 2011

x-rays don't lie.

Today I went to the chiropractor. Let me just tell you, I think my mouth fell to the floor when my doctor walked in. HE WAS ONE HELLUVA MAN. Tall, dark, handsome...married. DAMN. 

Anyway, he walked right in and shook my hand and introduced himself to me. Strong handshake, great eye contact, one major hottie. (And we were about to get up close and personal...well kind of. If you count cracking my back as up close and personal!) He won me over instantly with a few steps:

1) "You can call me Matt", he says as he sits down in front of me. UMMM HELLOOOOO. My theory is right, YET AGAIN.  Every Matt I've met is incredibly good looking. 

2) He was young, dreamy dark hair, and taller than me. 

3) He graduated from Calvin and loved the fact that I just graduated from Hope. :) Chaaaa-ching. 

4) When he asked my what my degree was in, I told him special education and he smiled and said that his wife was a special education teacher. 

THIS COULD HAVE BEEN MY HUSBAND IN A DIFFERENT LIFE. Bummer. Oh well...I'm seeing him quite a bit these days while he's adjusting my back. I'm fine with that. I'll just smile a lot. I heard that works. ;) 

All of this was a round a bout way of telling you that during my appointment he showed me an x-ray of my back. While he discussed what was out of alignment, I couldn't help but notice my stomach on the x-ray. The x-ray doesn't lie. I've got to get rid of that fat. But for realz. It has GOT to go. 

The last two weeks have been so up and down, I'm surprised I'm not dizzy. I have had moments of weakness where all I can think about is downing that last piece of chocolate cake sprinkled with oreos that's sitting on my counter and moments of complete satisfaction when I know that I'm doing the right thing and turn away from food and choose to ride my bike, jump on the trampoline, or take a walk. When you are so consumed with filling any emotion with food, you'll understand how hard it is to say no. It's become somewhat of a best friend that knows exactly what to say and how to make you feel better. 

I also find it extremely easy to sit and watch TV and enjoy the bickering of the Kardashian sisters, the total babe factor of Reid on Criminal Minds, and the ridiculousness of Jersey Shore. It's hard to tear myself away and take a walk, with my mind racing about everything and anything. It's time to be caught up in realizing that I'm not perfect. I think I'm beginning to realize that's something I've always struggled with. I'm not perfect. I never will be. 

So, where's the nitty gritty, you ask? Last week I lost 6 pounds! BOOYAH. Take that and smoke it.:) This week, I stayed the same. I know that this week has been less exercise and I know without a doubt, that's my own fault. I spent too much time sitting on my ass rather than up and about. 

Let's change that this week. Thank you all for continuing to be my accountability. I really need it and appreciate your love and support for me. 

Until next time. Thanks for reading. It means a lot. :) 

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