Wednesday, August 10, 2011

i'm convinced i would be really good friends with taylor swift.

It's true. 

I really am convinced that I would be good friends with Taylor. It's been my mantra all day today. From the time I woke this morning to the half hour I spent laying on the trampoline listening to her on shuffle. I not so shamefully admit that I even checked her website today and read her online journal. (Trust me, you will read it and feel like she went to Hope with us. She would fit right in.) She wrote about different experiences that led her to her album Speak Now. It was beautiful and sweet, solid and honest. And as cheesy and teeny-bopper as I sound, I throughly enjoy every part of Taylor's honesty and zest for life. She knows how to work it, and damn if I don't follow in her footsteps. 

I'm finding my zest for life. How do you like them apples?

The past few days, it's been a struggle to resist the temptations of cheese, free pop at snazzy Lake Street, pizza, chocolate, etc. etc. WHY DO THEY ALL SPEAK TO ME?! It's almost like I walk into a trance the minute I enter a place with good food. I watch myself mindlessly go for junk and continue to consume it until I feel nauseous. 

But not this week. Coming back from a bike ride Monday night, I stood outside chatting in that beautiful summer sun with my Mom. Man alive, she knows me all too well. It's like she has x-ray vision and can see right into my soul. GOOSEBUMPS. So naturally, the only thing I can do is cry and cry and cry. I'm sad/frustrated/nervous/not wanting to fail. While she didn't necessary pick me up, she spoke truth to me and for that, I am truly grateful. She reminded me of being accountable to myself and others, meaning what I say, and sticking with it. She also reminded me of how hard this journey is and how life changing and life saving it can be. 

And so to this I say....SUCK IT FAT ROLLS. 

No but really, this fat ass is OUTTA HERE. 

So what's changing? Bike rides and lots of them. Grapes instead of chocolate. Water instead of deadly Dew. Laughing instead of sulking. Living instead of dying. 

And that, my friends, is the Hillary I have missed so much. 

Peace, Love and free hugs. 

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