Sunday, April 22, 2012

Eatin' My Greens.

Heeyyyyoooo Friends. :)

Can I just say that going to my Weight Watcher meetings have become one of the highlights of my week. Even when I have not so hot weeks, I can honestly say that I'm making friends.... with woman twice my age and I LOVE IT. :) My two new friends are Gloria and Val. Both are over 60 and spunky as ever. They encourage me to no end, laugh at my jokes, swap fun stories, and only want the best for me. They even gave me their e-mail addresses last week because they really want to stay in touch with me over the summer. How sweet are they?! I think I'm going to take a picture with them on my last day before I leave and then take another one after I come back. Not only to see how much we all have changed but to document our new friendship. It's so fun. I wish you all could be a fly on the wall.

Last week, we talked about eating more greens. Let me tell you, most veggies are on the lowest of my priority list. So this week, I went shopping and literally FILLED my fridge with greens and I'm feeling GREAT. I'm also trying to eat more throughout the day but in smaller portions.

Here are my updated goals:

1) More greens. :)
2) Smaller portions but lots of healthy munchies.
3) Move, move, move.

And as I was re-reading my last post, I realized that I had changed my weight-loss goal to 25 pounds. I think it will be more manageable in the long run. I also realized my offical weight-loss through WW is actually 16. Easter was temptations gone wild. Even still, I feel REALLY good. Life is good. (And I'm starting an ABS class in 2 weeks. Lord have mercy. Here we go.)

Hope things are going well for all of you. Pray for you OFTEN.

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  1. Hillary, you are such a doll. I love that you are making friends in your class, and that God has given you support in this area in perhaps the most unexpected places! He is good! Your goals sound wonderfully manageable and smart. Stick with it all - you can do it! You are already hot stuff, my friend. :-)