Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Begin Again.

Begin Again.

It seems fitting that the song that's playing in my iPod right now is just that - Begin Again. Taylor Swift never ceases to amaze me. Oh, how true this is ringing with me today.

After seeing many of you over Christmas Break, I came away feeling full in more ways than I can even describe. I felt whole again. I was filled with renewed excitement for life. It was one of those breaks where God truly reminded me of how lucky I am.

While I enjoyed my break throughly, I ate my way through mounds of chocolate, cakes, cookies, etc. You get the drift. I could feel myself not caring about what I put into my mouth which was a feeling I knew all too well in my previous "Hillary Fat Days" aka: EVERYDAY. I vowed that coming back up north would be a fresh start.

And so I truly did "Begin Again".

I started dancing in the shower. I started tracking my food religiously. I started filling my fridge with nothing but fruits and veggies. I started pre-packing my lunches for the week so that there were no excuses NOT to eat healthy throughout the day. I started finding moments where I could sit and be silent. I started finding time to ask God questions and pursue him earnestly. (Even when it isn't pretty. I think I spend more time complaining and whining about the little things rather than glorifying Him.) I started marking my calendar for upcoming exciting dates - (PHOENIX, I'm coming for you!). 

Now, did the weight immediately fall off my hips? Hell no. In fact, it's been more frustrating at times than it's ever been. I've been doing all the right types of things and last week I lost 1/2 pound at WW. WELL CRAP. (Have no fear, this week I lost almost 3 pounds!)  But like I said earlier, I had to begin again. I had to start fresh. I had to keep that "nothing-can-stop -this -WOMAN" attitude. I am remembering more and more that it's not just about a number on the scale. It's about being HEALTHY. I have one BODY that I can live this life with and I'm hoping that it's going to see me through marriage, kids, work, grandkids, etc. I WANT TO LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST.

And part of that is getting into a damn bikini. :)

So here's to finishing January strong and moving into February with a renewed vigor. We can survive these winter months. :)

I love you all dearly. Please keep me posted on how YOU are doing. I care so deeply about all of you.


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  1. Hillary, you are just a gem. I admire your perseverance and your ability to push through what is a really hard season. They don't call it winter hibernation for nothing (I am living proof of that)! Keep working hard at this, my friend. You WILL wear that bikini one of these days! :-)