Thursday, September 8, 2011

I am kinda liking this thing called Fall.

I'm not sure if it's this colder weather or an extra surge of motivation, but man alive, my butt's been movin' and groovin' this past week. Maybe it's the start of school and a schedule but it's been a week full of no excuses and feeling good. In the past week I think I have biked or walked a total of 30 miles and the week isn't even finished yet! I feel great and motivated and on the up and up. While I know I probably won't be feeling like this forever, I want to keep this going! (And I will!!!) Only bummer is that I peaked at the scale early and I hadn't lost anything. Surprisingly, I was less put off than I thought! I had a good five minutes of "ughhhhhhh" and then I moved on. If I am feeling good, eating better, and moving more, it's all I can ask for!

Short and sweet today. I am actually finishing my cup of coffee and getting bundled up for a great bike ride. I hope things age going well for all of you. You are beautiful and successful women who I am so proud to call my friends. Have a great day, my loves.

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