Saturday, January 28, 2012

Is there an app for that?

Boy does time fly. I have been feeling incredibly guilty for not writing sooner than 2 months and I could give you the same old excuses about being busy and not having time but that would be a lie.

I've been lazy and selfish. I've wanted an app to do the writing for me. I didn't feel like writing a bunch of crap that you wouldn't want to read and that I dreaded writing. I didn't want to use the fluff.

But during the course of Christmas break, I had this breaking point. I realized that I need accountability. Talking with a few of you lovely women over New Years got me thinking. I have such support all over the country and it is a blessing to know that I am prayed for and thought about often but I needed something more. I needed something to keep me accountable here, in Cedarville. I needed to face my fears once and for all. My weight wasn't getting any better. I was very much at a stand still, using excuses like school to overlook my laziness.

Seriously... Why can't there be an app for that too?

And so.... I prayed that God would open a door for me. I wanted him to hit me in the face with an answer because I had been spending too much time avoiding truth.


A few weeks ago I had been browsing online to see if there would be a Weight Watchers meeting near me. Sure enough, God's answer, Part 1 - A WW meeting was starting the following week at First Union Church on Tuesday nights. I can practically walk out my door and be at the church. Plus, it was one of the few nights I don't have anything in my schedule.

God's awesomeness, Part II - The class required you pay for the entire 20 week series up front. 174 bucks. Ouch. BUT GOD KNEW I NEEDED THAT ACCOUNTABILITY. Now how to come up with the extra funds? Oh wait.....

God's faithfulness, Part III - School reimburses me for my travel for professional development days and they wrote me a check THAT WEEK for 152 bucks!!!!! I THREW A PARTY.

Needless to say, God truly did hit me in the face and I couldn't be more excited about it. Week 1 done- 4 pounds lighter and going strong. :)

So here's to you, my beloved friends. God is faithful in everything. Just pray and know that you are HIS.

Much love.


  1. i love how you write! i can almost hear you talking! my mom loves the weight watcher weekly meetings! now that she has met her goal weight she gets to go for free :) i think she even started working for them and weighing people in. you'll definitely get some accountability now. love you!